Top 10 Ski Resorts to Show off in Switzerland

Welcome to our Healthy Curiosity! Today, we’re going to be counting down the top 10 ski resorts to show off in Switzerland! Let’s get started.

Curious about what the top of the world looks like? Ready to put on your skis and venture down Mont Blanc in Crans Montana? Cruise in the Alps’ most luxurious resort? Challenge yourself with the highest peaks and thrilling slopes? We’ve got your back!

Photo by Evgenia Kirpichnikova

10. Zermatt

Kicking us off, we have the highest winter sports area in the Alps. Zermatt is a picturesque resort where legendary stories are forged in its terrains. This is where you’ll want to experience all the glory of classic Switzerland, and it’s all at the foot of the famous, pyramid-shaped Matterhorn mountain.

Some of the ski terrains reach an altitude between an exciting 2,500 and 3,900 meters and more than 2,133 meters of vertical drop.

Zermatt, picture from

Beginners can hone their skiing skills at the top of the Sunnegga funicular. From there on out, experienced skiers can take over the chairlifts, gondola, and cable car up to the Rothorn’s snowfields and trails — or they can head to the Gornergrat ski pistes.

Zermatt is a 365 days a year adventure. One of the greatest skiing moments of your life may just be racing over the Theodul Pass and down into the Italian trail system. A typical day in Zermatt will give you the choice of showing off your skills down your pick of 147 different epic runs. It features 54 lifts and stretches across 224 miles of powder. There’s even a heli-skiing option.

9. Davos

The reel of you skiing down your pick of the 56 lifts and 85 runs, the longest and most memorable of which stretches for seven glorious miles will play forever. This ultimate skiing and holiday destination’s runs can be broken down into 23% intermediate, 42% advanced, and 35% expert, so it’s perfect for everyone!

Photo by Prateek Keshari on Unsplash

Davos in Grisons is, hand down, the largest resort in the Alps, catering to those coming in for idyllic mountain holidays, those training or competing for sports, and conferences. If you look, you’ll find yourself 1,560 meters, meaning that you’re in the highest town in the Alps. Davos’ peak tops out over 2,830 meters.

8. St. Moritz

Known for its glitz and glamour, St. Moritz is an iconic name in the skiing community. It’s regarded as the birthplace of alpine winter tourism and as the ski resort “on top of the world.”

Twice now, it’s been the host of the Winter Olympics, in both 1928 and 1948. And you can zoom past the same slopes as Henri Oreiller.

St. Mortiz features 56 lifts that can carry adventurous skiers to all kinds of terrain, suitable for all levels to have the time of their lives. In fact, you can find some of Switzerland’s best intermediate terrain here.

Feel like taking a moment from traditional skiing? Well, then, hit the ice-skating rinks or partake in a little kite skiing, bobsledding, Nordic skiing, and tobogganing!

A day’s pass offers you access to 56 lifts, which in turn gives you access to 87 thrilling runs stretching across nearly 220 miles.

7. Gstaad

Claiming a chunk of southwestern Switzerland and set in Canton of Bern, Gstaad ski resort is the hotspot for travelers looking for a luxurious ski vacation. It features reliable, thrilling, and most significantly well-groomed slopes with various degrees of difficulty.

Photo by Natasha Norton on Unsplash

Here’s a look at Gstaad’s stats: here, you can hone and shock fellow skiers with your skills with access to the resort’s 80 runs, 53 lifts, and 137 miles to stretch your skating wings out. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, the Snowpark Glacier 3000 is the spot to go!

6. Laax

Laax targets a youthful market. Four terrain parks bring in all the snowboarders and talented skiers, high up on “Crap Sogn Gion.” Tally it all up, and the parks have nearly 90 features in total. You’ll find rails, kickers, boxes, and two halfpipes — one of which, by the way, is the largest one in the entire world, and it’s a massive, glorious 200 meters long, 22 meters wide, and 6.90m high! Overall, if you want to enjoy four terrain parks, 64 runs, 28 lifts, and over 100 acres of skiable terrain, then make your way up Laax!

Photo by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash

Laax resort also offers an indoor freestyle facility at the Freestyle Academy with jumps, ramps, a skate bowl, a foam pit, and an airbag.

5. Verbier

Is this the most cosmopolitan holiday resort in the charming Valais? Let’s find out!

Verbier is located on a postcard-perfect sunny plateau and provides a memorable panoramic view of the Mont Blanc and the Combins massif. Extravagant chalets and hotels aren’t the only attractions Verbier can offer. Its slopes have few rivals due to its unique and challenging high-altitude terrain.

This is why many experts make their way to Verbier. Here, highlights include a 900m vertical route from Col des Gentianes to Tortin, and a 1,000m vertical Vallon d’Arby down to La Tzoumaz on the area's edge.

Have a wild bucket-list wish to go for an adrenaline junky-level of adventure? Chase the snow in Verbier’s nearby glaciers. If you’re a beginner, then stick close to the village for the ultimate experience. For freeskiers, the Mittelallalin snow park is ideal. The top of Mont Fort, measured at a whopping 3,330m offers a black mogul run on the front and off-piste routes on the back, leading down to Siviez.

In total, there are 400 acres of skiable terrain, 39 lifts, and 37 runs.

4. Arosa

Located at the end of the idyllic, and quite frankly, very romantic Schanfigg Valley, Arosa is impressive all-around. The holiday resort has an altitude of about 1,800 meters above sea and a range of mountain peaks. Perhaps Arosa is most famous for its ideal weather all year-round, meaning that it’s just as perfect for the winter as it is if you want to embark on extended hiking tours in the summer.

Highlights include a massive ski area, more than 225km of groomed runs, claiming three different mountainsides, jaw-dropping beautiful mountain views located near a frozen lake, access for all-day sledging, and of course, plenty of heart-warming sunshine — more than most Alpine resorts usually get.

3. Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee is surrounded by regal mountain peaks and spectacular glaciers. It’s here where you’ll find the Dom, the highest mountain in Switzerland. It’s also close to the Allalinhorn in the Valais region.

Saas-Fee gets even more perfect later in the season when the sunshine peeks through.

Relatively speaking, the ski area isn’t that significant, with only 100km of pistes, more suitable for beginners and intermediates, but that’s more than made up for with the 1,800-meter vertical slopes.

The top skiers hone their skills on the long and quiet nursery slopes. It’s at the glacier area and most of the top half of the mountain where beginners can shine. For thrill-seeking intermediates, 26 challenging trails cover 96km.

The best thing about Saas-Fee, other than that it’s cheaper and can be less crowded by the Zermatt resort, is that while it has a reputation for gentle runs, it can still challenge seasoned experts with its 23km of black-diamond trails.

2. Grindelwald

Want a front-row seat to the majestic peaks of Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, and Lauberhor? Then the Swiss village of Grindelwald is your spot. This resort comes with a legend, claiming that skiing started here when an Englishman donned his skis in his hotel room, made his way through the local bar, walked out, and started skiing.

Photo by Helio Dilolwa from Pexels

It’s no wonder that may-or-may-not-be fictional man chose Grindelwald. There’s access to 165km of skiing. The long runs can be reached by the area’s 26 lifts. The longest run actually is estimated to be nearly 10km long!

At Grindelwald, the staggeringly beautiful North Face of the Eiger towers over the postcard mountain village.

1. Crans Montana

Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

As you zoom down the slopes at Crans Montana, you’ll have unobstructed access to the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, AKA, the highest mountain in the Alps. Snowboarders get to enjoy a snow park and staggeringly high peaks that reach more than 3,000 meters. The reason why Crans Montana earned a well-deserved reputation for amazing alpine skiing experiences, other than having epic runs, is that it hosted the World Championships in 1987.

Here, a total of 27 lifts will lead you to 41 runs, spanning over 87 miles of beautiful terrain.

If you’re lucky, you can catch the World Cup as some competitions are often held here at the resort.

And that’s a wrap for the top 10 ski resorts to show off in Switzerland! What did you think of these epic resorts? Would you be taking a trip to the Alps anytime soon to experience its breathtaking mountains? Let us know in the comments!

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